Hey guys, this is Kumar here and I am the owner of this blog. Let me brief up a little about my blog and also myself in this post. Well I am an engineer by profession it’s my full time job and I started out with affiliate marketing way back in 2009 and a lot of things have changed since then. I was very interested in blogging and started learning more about it when i was still pursuing my engineering but did spent all my time reading about blogging in my spare time after college. This lead me to affiliate marketing where people were claiming that they are earning handsomely with their blogs and this excited me to try it, since then I have involved in affiliate marketing learning from some of the best marketers online, my journey was slow and steady as a result I am doing very well with affiliate marketing.

I have taught most of  my friends about affiliate marketing which inspired me to help others who are willing to learn. The reason I started this blog was to help beginners who are facing similar problems which I had faced. The information provided on this blog might help those beginners to cut short the learning curve and get going in the right direction. There have been many changes done to this blog in order to make it more useful for the readers and any suggestions by any of you reading this page will be considered, just use our contact page to send your suggestions.

This blog constantly updated with informational articles and current trends in affiliate marketing. If you need to know about a particular topic (related to affiliate marketing only) which is not covered on this blog just contact us and we will post about the topic as soon as possible.


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