Are You a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is becoming more competitive these days and most newcomers fail upfront but there are a group of successful affiliates who rock the market with their amazing strategies. What do these top affiliates do to make so many sales and huge commissions while average affiliates manage only a few sales.

The logic is simple they have a working system or campaign that works and repeated over again. So what is the system they use? well this is no rocket science just select a product to promote and find traffic sources that are interested in the product and then advertise on these traffic source.

Many affiliates try to reinvent the wheel and find themselves in a difficult situation.  Make use of all the work done for your resources to succeed in affiliate marketing, meaning identify what super affiliates are doing to drive hundreds of sales then try to include them in your own campaign. They do all the research work and you spy on their work to implement those strategies in your promotion.

Its easy to succeed if you know how to handle the following :

1. Finding products that sell

2. Identifying traffic source that drive targeted audience

3. Repeat and expand for other products

Its better to find products which already has a market and buyers instead of going after new products with is unknown or does not have enough buyers in it.

You might get thousand visitors to the affiliate product you are promoting but if the visitor is not interested in the product they won’t buy it and its a complete waste of all your efforts and time.  But if you promote the product to the targeted audience that is people who are interested in the product then with the same efforts you will make huge sales, so to succeed you need to drive loads of traffic who are interested in the product.

When you find a particular source of traffic may be paid or organic, try to split test your ads or offer and its a good idea to collect email addresses so that you can promote future offers with less efforts. When you have a huge list of subscribers they act like a traffic reserve which you can use whenever you need them.

The advantage of building a list is that you can promote other related products or services and make more sales.

When the traffic source is getting you good number of sales then try to scale it up, drive more visitors instantly with paid traffic. If you are seeing good returns for the investment then expand your product base and try promoting more number of products to the subscribers.

If you have all the above stuff covered in your campaign then you are on the way to become a successful affiliate marketer and there is no doubt about that.

Tip : There is a common problem with new affiliates that is get distracted easily and don’t stick to one particular marketing strategy, if they see someone talking about another new marketing tactic newbies just deviate from their present campaign. First focus on any one particular system that works and stick to it whether you win or loose that is secondary, if you win then do it again and if any case you fail then find what went wrong and rectify it.

Make the system work for you and don’t do the other way round. Patience is very important if you are new to affiliate marketing and nothing comes easy these days. Once you are successful there is no turning back, you can do it like many other successful marketers you only need that initial momentum to get going.

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