Clickbank Enhanced Premier Program

Clickbank recently started the enhanced premier program which is a new and better version than the old apex/premier program. The main intention of starting this program is to reward the affiliates and vendors who perform well for a given year, this will encourage those power marketers to keep the momentum going on. It’s a good move by clickbank, the new premier program will add you into their top 100 performing members and will provide personal support, a certificate of appreciation and many other benefits.

The original clickbank premier program was started way back in 2008 to recognize vendors who are loyal and best sellers. Seeing the success of this program clickbank announced a program for top affiliates also which was called apex program, here the affiliates who make the highest number of sales in a year will be rewarded with this certificate. It is definitely a honor to receive an achievement certificate from clickbank.

An affiliate must have followed all the promotional guidelines set by clickbank in-order to be considered for the program and the vendors also have to abide this rule. For vendors, making more number of sales and being a top class vendor is not easy and requires you to have a great product and good number of affiliates promoting your product. Also the number of refunds should also be lower.But if your are an affiliate, you need to look for new marketing methods to sell more items with minimum refund rates to achieve an elite status (promote quality products).

In the new premier program a total of 400 clients including affiliates and merchants are included. Only the top 100 clients will be given the elite status with an affiliate manager to help them grow their business and build a solid foundation with some advanced tools.

The clients who are included in the premier program are given a platform to connect with other clients and form joint venture partnership. These clients are sure top notch marketers and clickbank builds relationship with them and create a win-win situation for all the parties involved in it.

Once you are part of such an elite group, you have to be more responsible and commit to selling or promoting only quality products. The program evaluates top performers every year and the clients may change each year. Consistency is the key to stay on the top in this type of business model,  just do things that work. Scale up your marketing efforts and automate repetitive task and outsource a portion of your work to others which will allow you to work on more number of projects.

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