Drive Traffic To Your Blog From Yahoo Answers

Whether your blog is getting  good traffic or not, yahoo answers can surely help you drive more traffic to your blog. There are thousands of people asking questions everyday and many experts answering these questions on yahoo answers. The beauty of this site is that they allow you to leave a link to source of the answer if it is relevant and we can make use of this to get visitors to your site.

There are some impyahoo answersortant things to note when placing your link, see that it is not asking readers to perform any commercial activity, do not post affiliate links and your answers should be helpful, treat them with respect if you fail to follow these steps users may flag your answer which might lead to account suspension.

Yahoo answers is a point based system. When you first sign up you are given 100 points and level 1,  for each question you ask there is a minus 5 points and every answer posted you get plus 2 points, if your answer is chosen as best then you earn plus 10 points. In level 1, if you leave a link it will be a plain text and only when you reach level 2 that is more than 250 points then every link  you leave from this point will be clickable.

Each level offers some benefit and as you progress to higher levels some of the limitations are removed. For more details see the table below.People have asked questions on all topics possible, if your blog deals with a particular topic then find questions on those topics and answer them, try to make your answers best as much as possible.  If you regularly answer on a topic then you will be awarded with the top contributor status and the next time you answer a question readers see you as an authority which eventually drives them to your blog. The key to success is answer regularly and engage asker or readers with good content that should willingly lead them to click your blog link in the source.

First browse through available categories and pick one that is closely related to your blog topic then start contributing your answers to that particular category until you become a top contributor. Once you reach this top contributor status everything looks easy and readers curiously check out the link in the source to see what a top contributor has referred them to because people trust you.

Do not post links for every answer you post, only do it if required.  One more advantage of using yahoo answers is that they tend to rank higher and this might drive a small amount of regular traffic to your site every month. The links are nofollow so they do not pass any page rank and there is not much benefit from the seo point of view but who cares, we just need visitors and yahoo answers will get them to our site if we provide quality information.

If you do not want do all these stuff then outsource it to people who can do it for a reasonable price. Recruit or hire someone online and explain them what you want them to do with yahoo answers clearly, doing this will save you time. You can do other important work like writing blog posts and promote them in more places for increased exposure.

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