Effective Strategies For Affiliate Marketing With Your Blog

In this blog post you will learn some effective strategies for affiliate marketing with a blog. Blogging is considered a powerful media to reach the target audience without having to go through a lot of trouble like in the conventional methods of marketing. Moreover anyone can blog these days and the simplicity of this platform has made it possible to do affiliate marketing with a blog easy.

The advantages of using a blog for the purpose of marketing affiliate products are too good to be ignored.

1. It brings a professional touch to your marketing efforts.

2. You can grab the attention of the customers better on a blog and its easy to interact with them through comments.

3. You can collect their email address for building a opt in list.

These are some basic tips that will help you in leveraging the full potential of your blog for affiliate marketing:

Choose niche market

Before you start building a blog decide upon a niche market that you want to target and also make sure there are enough products to promote in that niche. It would be a good idea if you choose an evergreen niche – that is something which has demand all the times.

Keyword Research

Do your keyword research on the topic and choose a primary keyword which gets a good amount of traffic every month and also select some long tail keywords related to the niche you have selected. Make sure you have different keywords because each keyword will be a different blog post so keep them unique.

Domain Name

Try to register an exact domain name with your primary keyword, this will give an initial boost in ranking without additional effort.

Set up your wordpress blog

WordPress is a priceless platform and is affiliate marketers best friend. It comes free with all the hosting services so install it. Now choose a simple 2 column theme for your wordpress site because your final goal is to make more affiliate sales from the blog and to avoid all other fancy graphics stuff it would better if you go with a simple 2 column theme.

Post relevant topics and blog regularly

Now your blog is set up and ready to get content, see that you post relevant to the niche you have chosen and write blog post around the long tail keywords that you selected in the previous step (keyword research). Post regularly to keep the search engines coming back to you and give readers some good content which makes it easy to get more clicks on your affiliate links.

Affiliate Link Placement

Place your links in the content and in the sidebar for maximum click through rate. Do not over use the links and only use them with anchor text. You can also place a small banner on your side bar which links to the product page. Test out different places for link placement and see how they convert for you and adjust accordingly. The final goal should be to get more traffic for more clicks.

Interact with your blog readers

The biggest advantage with blogs are it helps you interact with your readers through comments at the end of each post. When you give exceptionally good content you will get good feedback and readers would love to know more from you and hence they comment. You can answer to their questions or respond to the feedback through comments which will increase the user trust and they consider your product recommendation seriously.

Promote Your Blog

Now everything is in place, it is time to promote your blog to get more exposure and traffic. The best place to promote your blog would be on related blogs this is done by grouping with other bloggers in the same niche and helping each other out or exchanging a guest post on your blogs.

Also build links to your site so that you get higher ranking for your primary keyword. The higher the rank, more will be the number of visitors. Some common place to get links are article directories, forums, other blogs.

When your blog is established with a good search engine placement then you can see some good number of affiliate sales. Try to gather and retain readers that is build an opt in list. You can promote future offers to the mailing list and get more sales so it is good to consider email marketing in your affiliate marketing campaign.

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