Find The Best Selling Products On Clickbank To Promote

Being a clickbank affiliate it is important you understand the terminologies used in the clickbank marketplace for finding the top products that will earn you more affiliate commission. To start with, go to the clickbank marketplace where you can do your search for the products. There are thousands of products on the marketplace but not all are good earners, you need to pay attention to each detail to find gem of product.

Important stats in the marketplace

clickbank marketplace1. Initial $/sale – This is the average commission that an affiliate earns on the product sale. Each product has its own initial sale amount, the higher the better but make sure you choose a good product that people will buy.

2.  – This is the commission percentage that an affiliate is paid by the vendor of a product. It might range from 1 to 75% so make sure you choose a higher percentage product with a good sales copy.

3. Gravity –  This is a number which roughly shows the unique affiliate ids that have made at least one sale in the past 12 weeks. Higher the gravity more affiliates are making money selling this product.

4. Avg Rebill Total – This is a stat that shows the average amount of money an affiliate has made from recurring billing products like membership sites, online software programs which all charge the customer on a monthly basis. More the rebill total higher will be the chances of earning more commission (that is if the customer remains with the vendors service).

5. Avg %/rebill – This is the average percentage of commission that an affiliate earns only rebills or recurring billing.

Now for the product selection, this can be done in two ways one is using the categories in the marketplace and the other way is to use the search box.

1. Category Based Selection

clickbank categoriesIf you a desire to promote products in a particular market then you can choose a product from the categories listed at the left sidebar in the marketplace.

Clickbank has a wonderful feature where each product is organized in a particular category and each product are ranked with an algorithm that is kept a secret by clickbank. When you click on any one of these categories, the products that are popular are listed first and the list goes from higher to lower popularity by default.

You can scroll down this list of best sellers according to the clickbank ranking and choose a high priced product that pays high percentage of commission and again think like a buyer, will you buy this product if you were buyer if your answer is yes then promote it (don’t just go by the stats – listen to what your mind says).

You can even narrow down the search even to the sub-categories level, there are solid products in the sub categories and with a good understanding of the stats you can easily find products that pay higher and are proven best sellers.

2. Search Based Selection

When you are at the clickbank marketplace you can see a “search box” using which you can find products.

search box cb

If you already have a website on which you want to promote the products then simply use this search box to find products based on the topic of your website. Just type in the keywords and you will get back a list of products based on the relevancy of the keyword.

If you want a more narrowed search then you can go for the advanced search option which is on the right side of search box. Using this option you can find products based on the keywords or gravity, initial sale, average rebill,  product type, language of the product available (spanish, english, german, french, italian, portuguese) and even if you want to find a product based on billing type like one time or recurring billing. Also find products that has an affiliate resource page also using this advanced search option.

Tips : Try to promote good quality recurring products that pays you every month as long as the customer stays with the merchant service.  You can also use the vendor spotlight to see the trends in gravity of a particular product, rising gravity means its selling more and it might the right time to grab the promo tools.

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