Give an Image to Your Blog with Google Authorship Markup

In 2011 google announced a new feature for webmasters which allows them to display their images in the search results along with their webpages. If you own a blog or authored a content on some other website then you can make use of this google authorship and get credit for all the content that you have written. This will also help people to identify you as an expert author on the topic written by you, this will build creditability and trust as the time goes by.

As a blogger the advantage with authorship feature is that when people see the authors image besides the search results they are more likely to click, increasing the click through rate which is what every webmaster likes to achieve.

Things you need to get started

1. A google plus profile page with a nice photo of yourself.
2. Next feel up your name that you want to display on the search result page.

To sign up visit the official google website –

You can either choose to verify your email then add your email address on the domain where you contribute then google will send you a verification mail to that email address what you have to do is confirm by clicking the verification link. And there is another option which is for authors who don’t have an email address on the domains they write for in which case they have to use their profile page url along with a suffix ?rel=author which should also do the job done.

When you are done wait for a few days until the image starts displaying on search results. This authorship feature is a good way to promote your blog for higher click through and build a reputation for yourself, for more details read the google webmaster blog.

If you are using wordpress as a blogging platform then there are many wordpress plugins that will do the work for you.

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