How to Become an Affiliate Marketer Online

Affiliate marketing is an industry that has grown huge over the past decade more people prefer to become an affiliate marketer,  as this is one of the easy to do business online.  There are many advantages of becoming an affiliate marketer today like affiliates can work in their spare time, they decide what to promote and it works with or without investment.

How to start and where to start ?

Assuming you know the basics of affiliate marketing there are two ways to find affiliate programs.

1. First method you can join affiliate programs by making a search on google. If you are interested in promoting a product in a particular market then go to google and search using this keyword “YOUR FAVORITE MARKET” +affiliate program for example: “video software” +affiliate program, this search will return a list of affiliate programs that you can join and become an affiliate for free.

It usually involves you to fill up an online application form (takes around 5 minutes) and you should confirm your email address. Doing this will complete your registration and you are given a unique affiliate id using which you should refer customers to the merchant and if anyone makes a purchase from your affiliate link then you are entitled for a commission.

2. The second method is to sign up at large affiliate networks which have thousands of affiliate products to which you can sign up and become an affiliate.

Examples of such affiliate networks are,,

Again these networks are free to join and after joining you will be given an affiliate id which is unique and you will earn commission only if you use your affiliate link to promote products (simple !).

Note: Always read the guidelines of individual affiliate programs or networks because they have some rules on how to promote their products that you should strictly follow usually easy ones if you use good promotional practices. These rules are good for maintaining quality of service.

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