How To Become an Amazon Affiliate Marketer

Amazon affiliate program is the world’s oldest and very successful affiliate program helping hundreds of its associates to make an extra income online referring customers to their website. If you are a blogger than you can embed links to the amazon products that is related to your blog topic and earn a commission when somebody purchases through these referral links. But before adding product links on your blog, you have to sign up as affiliate and then you will be given a unique id and commissions are paid only if a purchase is made through referral links containing your affiliate id.

Why you need to join amazon associates program ?
amazon affiliate marketer
It is free to join and start promoting products.
Amazon is a trusted online retail store.
Offers tools for affiliate marketers to make more sales.

Sign up free at this link – amazon affiliate program.

If you already have an account then sign up using your existing log in details or else create a new account. Next fill the application form with information about payee name, payment address so cross check before submitting the application, you also need to enter your website details for approval.

You will receive a confirmation email from amazon if your account is approved and created.  You will get your username and password along with this email. Just log in and start promoting the products, after logging in you will be taken to your dashboard where all the resources like banners and links, widgets, astore product advertising api and then earning reports or orders reports can be accessed. The dashboard is an easy to use interface which gives you a summary of all your promotions and how good they are performing, using this report you can concentrate more on low performance products and analyze what is wrong in your promotions.

It is important to choose products that are closely related to your blog topic, this will increase the likelihood of readers buying from your site. Keep your blog readers in mind before promoting products to them, pick only quality items that provide real user value. The product should be worth the money also try the product before promoting on your blog. You can either place a text ad or a banner ad on your blog post to promote the products.

Placing links in the content that is text ads get more clicks than the banner ads so try to utilize more of text links. If you have good content then readers will follow through the article and then onto the amazon link also. So try to give more user value in the content and thoughtfully recommend products through text links embedded into your blog post.

There is also an option to place widgets in your sidebar,  above or below the blog post which will showcase all the products based on your input keyword.  Succeeding as an affiliate with amazon associate program requires some patience and you have to  consistently post quality content to engage readers. Do not over promote in all your posts and annoy readers, be sensible and recommend only when needed, this will help you retain your readers as well as make some extra income of them.

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