Learn How to Cloak Affiliate Links

In this article you will learn how to cloak affiliate links easy, if you are an affiliate marketer then you know how ugly those affiliate links look. Visitors are less likely to click on such links and what they do even worse is they replace your affiliate links with their id and you are the one who looses commission.

Hide your affiliate link to  reduce commission theft and this will also increase the click through rate as the links look more clean when you cloak them.

There are many methods used for cloaking affiliate links and some of the best techniques are mentioned below:

If you have a self hosted website then you can hide the links and make it look something like this – www.YourWebsite.com/ProductName.html – this looks more professional and removes the ugly looking affiliate id encouraging people to click on this link.

1. Using meta refresh tag

This is an easy method where a single line of code is used to cloak links. The meta refresh script will automatically refresh to the destination (your affiliate link) when clicked.

meta refresh

The above line of code will redirect visitors to which ever link you put after url. For this to work open your notepad – paste this code given above into the notepad and then go to file – click ‘save as’ then give the file name with the extension as html or htm and upload it to your website.

For example:  give the file name as index.html or ProductName.html you can name it anything but don’t forget the extension.

But before hitting the save button you need to change the “save as type” to “all files” and now you can hit the save button. You can test whether the page is working properly or not by just clicking on the saved html page.

2. Using PHP redirect

Similar to meta refresh tag, php redirect code does the same job if you prefer to use a php code then its given below.

php affiliate redirecting

The procedure is the same open the notepad and save it with an extension php. Dont forget to replace the link in the code with your affiliate link.

When you upload it to your own website the link may look like this www.yourwebsite.com/ProductName.php again you can name the file with any name you like.

3. Cloaking using frame

This script will display the affiliate website content under your website address that is you can show visitors product page on your own website like www.Your-Website.com will show all the contents of www.Your-Affiliate-Link.com. Again use notepad and paste the following code, save it as an html file and upload it to your website.

frame cloaking

If you do not want to do it manually then there are many plugins available for wordpress blogs which will automate this cloaking job for you and this is very helpful when you have a huge blog with hundreds of pages.

What if you do not have a website?

There is one solution for you guys “url shortening services”.

4.  Url Shorteners

There are many free url shorteners that lets you shorten the length of a url or your affiliate links. Some services even provide tracking service all for free (at the time of writing this post).

Some of the url shorteners are:





Note: Some  sites mentioned above do not redirect to clickbank affiliate links properly so test your shortened url first before giving it to your visitors.

These are some of the commonly used method to hide ugly links and hope you now know how to cloak your affiliate links to prevent commission theft. Let me know any other methods that work well so that it will help other readers.

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