How to Find Affiliates to Sell Your Products

Well if you are a merchant selling online then it’s a good idea to find affiliates who can help sell your products. Both of you will be making money and as a merchant you can concentrate on the product end and let the affiliates do all the promotions for your products. If you are completely new then you have to let the affiliates know about your business and the jv partnership that you are offering them.

Where to find affiliates ?

Look in places where affiliates usually spend a lot of time and try to approach them. There are many other ways you can find affiliates listed below.

Online Forums

Affiliates usually spend a lot of time in forums discussing on various topics related to marketing. These forums are the best places to join and post a thread on your offer. But note not all the forums allow you to post affiliate offers so read their guidelines before you do this.  Please do not spam these  forums your account might get banned.

Affiliate Directories

If you are managing your own affiliate program then list the details of your program in all the major affiliate directories so people who are interested in your products will join your program. Just search for the affiliate directories on google and you will find a list.

Affiliate networks

Most popular affiliate networks have an existing database of active affiliates and you can join such networks  which will feature your products in their marketplace. Affiliates of such networks browse through the marketplace to find products to promote and if you have a good quality service or stuff with professional looking sales page and you pay them a good affiliate commission then more likely your products are chosen by them to promote.

Some of the affiliate networks you can start with are clickbank or paydotcom or

Approach Potential Vendors

One more trick to recruit a huge number of affiliates from these affiliate networks is to search for products similar to yours in the marketplace and approach the vendors of those products and workout a business deal with them like offer them some commission for referring affiliates. They usually have a separate mailing list of affiliates and if you can convince them with a good deal, they might mail out to their list about your affiliate program and you can expect good number of affiliates to promote your product.

Using twitter and facebook

Its worth trying it, find people with huge followers on and friends or fans on in your own niche market (very important). Try to contact them and ask them to tweet about your affiliate program, if they do not agree or respond in a few days then offer them cash (use your diligence how much its worth) or else give them free access to your product and ask them to review it and tweet or update it on their twitter and facebook status with a link to your affiliate page.

It would be better if you find people are regarded as an expert or authority in your niche with huge fans and followers. One update from these guys will send your affiliate program link to hundreds or even thousands of people following them.

Today these sites are filled with spammers who use automated tools to build their followers so use your common sense to identify and stay away from such profile owners. Find people who have high followers to following ratio.

Joint venture (jv) partnership announcement websites

Very popular these days. Join jv partnership announcement websites where all the new product launches and affiliate jv partnership information are updated. These sites are widely used by affiliates to find products before launch, so that they can start promoting it and stay ahead of competition and it is good option to consider to include your product launch information at least a month before on these jv announcements sites.

The sooner you list your product launch information, the more number of affiliates will be joining your launch to promote.

To build a huge list of affiliates, make sure you provide them with an affiliate resource page that affiliates might find very handy to promote your service like banners, email promos, videos,  catchy subject lines for twitter and facebook update and some articles for people using article marketing in their promotions.

This goes simple you simplify their work by providing what they might require and they will do their best to sell your products.

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