How to Get a Blog Indexed by Google Today

When you have a blog with all the work done and updated with content, it is time to get your blog indexed on search engines especially google, yahoo and bing. The more the visibility of your blog the higher will be the traffic to your website. Here in this post some methods that i have used to get my blog indexed quickly on major search engines are outlined.


The first and the best thing to do after you update your blog is to ping it. Pinging is a process which tells the search engines that your blog is updated and ready to be crawled. Two of the best tools you can use for pinging are pingomatic and pingoat these two websites are free. There are other tools that do the same work, but i use the above two sites very often which gets the job done.

If you are new to using these sites just enter the title and url of your blog along with the feed in the ping form and then hit submit button it hardly takes a minute to do this.

Submit sitemap

Sitemap is a page that contains links to all the webpages on your blog, which is useful for user navigation and search engine crawling. There are free plugins available on the download one of these and activate on your blog first which will build your sitemap each time you update the blog.

site map submit

Sign up free at google webmaster tools and click on the button “add a site” , when you do this the next step is to verify the ownership of this site that is confirm to google that you own this blog. Two methods are provided for verifying ownership – use any one method either upload a file that they give or insert a meta tag and click the verify button (follow the simple instructions provided on the site).

Once you are verified as the owner go to the dashboard and click “site configuration” then “sitemaps” now submit your blogs sitemap it will be of this format – www.YOUR-WEBSITE.COM/sitemap.xml and this page will be frequently crawled which ensures all the pages are indexed on your blog.

Next on the left sidebar go to “diagnostics” then “fetch as googlebot” which will return the option submit to index just click on it and you are done wait for the google bot to crawl your blog.


submit to index





This is my favorite method, identify a high traffic forum in your niche and contribute a post on the forum with your blog link in the signature. Usually these forums are crawled very frequently and when you start a new thread they get indexed in minutes. The forums which gave good results to me were the and please do not spam these good forums, contribute wisely or ask interesting questions and then see that your link is in the signature.

There is a tip that you can use here, every forum has a test section just go there and post a test thread with your link and it gets indexed faster.


Integrate your blog feeds with the feedburner and whenever you make a fresh blog post just ping it or else it gets automatically crawled within 30 minutes. So you can expect a quicker indexing time with the help of feedburner. Use the site below to ping your feedburner feeds.

Social media sites

Submit your blog url to the social media sites which are crawled very often and when you get your links on such sites the chances of getting the blog crawled increases. The digg is the best of these sitesĀ  and can get your links crawled super quick.

High Traffic Sites

New blog posts on high traffic websites are indexed in minutes and if you can get your blog link placed on these sites then it is just a matter of minutes to a page indexed and also rank higher. Just remember to target high traffic sites or news or quality press release sites for quicker results.

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