How To Make Money With Clickbank Being an Affiliate

money clickbankClickbank is one of the largest digital products retailer online today and it also has some of the highest payouts. Many affiliates who promote products earn good money with clickbank but if you are a beginner then you need to know some basic tips to start promoting successfully.

When you are done signing up as an affiliate go to the marketplace and  choose a product to promote. When you are finished with the product selection it is time to decide how to promote them.

A typical clickbank product promotion can be done in two different ways.

1. Review style

In the review style of promotion, you write a review of the product on your website and people looking for it will find your website through search engines. For this method to work you have to rank your website higher for the search term “product name review” and higher you rank more will be the visitors and the sales.

Some merchants provide affiliates with a review copy for promoting their product or else you can purchase a copy and do an honest review about it.

Provide them with good information about the product both advantages and disadvantages also if you help them by providing tips on how to overcome the disadvantages the number of people purchasing it will increase. Leave your affiliate links at the beginning and at some of the prominent places where you think will get more clicks.

You can also offer them some bonus if they purchased from your link, this is one of those tricks which increases your sales and commission.

2. General

In the general promotional methods you can promote the product on high traffic websites that are related to the product. You can advertise through ezine solo ads, buy ad space on relevant blogs, paid advertisement on related forums and there are multiple other options. But your goal has an affiliate is to make more sales, so it is essential for you to advertise products only to people who are interested.

It is very important in affiliate marketing to track your result, so that you can repeat what works best and succeed. Affiliate marketing is just promoting the right product to the right audience and those who master this technique will make it large. Also learn from successful marketers and try to analyze their marketing methods which will give you an overview of a successful campaign.

Other methods to earn from clickbank

You can make money with affiliate products and also from vendor referral program, most people are not aware of this facility.

Clickbank referral program is a good option for earning extra income for referring merchants to its site. Currently they pay you affiliate commission if you refer a merchant and if they sign up successfully with a one time activation fee of $49.95 then you are paid 20% of that amount. Also you earn 5% of the mark up sale that is ($1 plus 7.5%=markup sale) for one entire year from that date of activation so why wait refer anyone that you know who wants to sell items online through your referral link.

Wait you have use a separate hop link for referring merchants and only then you are paid a commission. The link is given below¬† and don’t forget to replace it with your affiliate id (important).



The extra commission can scale up to more commission if you refer active and successful merchants to clickbank because you earn for every sale for one full year so try to have this in your arsenal which is a good source of income again.

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