How To Use Pinterest to Promote Your Affiliate Business

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or blogger, you need to read this post to leverage the potential traffic source of pinterest.

pinterest affiliate marketingBeing one of the fastest growing website in the world pinterest has surely taken everyone by surprise. Currently pinterest is the third most used social networking site in US.The power of viral marketing has taken this site to reach such a milestone. Pinterest is a new kind of content sharing website and it mainly deals with sharing images on a dashboard, the fact that it is an easy to use interface makes it so popular.

So how does pinterest help anyone in affiliate marketing business?

In pinterest users pin a image on their own board and if other users find it interesting they can re-pin the image along the link making it go viral which will be visible to all their followers. You can link the image with your affiliate id, so that if anyone shares or re-pins your image it reaches hundreds of pinterest users. You can organize all your pins into boards which makes it easy for you and other users to find what you have shared or pinned.

What type of products to promote?

pinterest recipesMost of the pinterest users love to share images of recipes, clothes, jewellery and many more beautiful things. Identify affiliate products that grab users attention and pin an image with a link to your affiliate id. Where to find images? well it is not a problem at all if you are promoting amazon products because there are wide variety of images available for use provided by the vendor of the product just make use of them and it won’t be a problem unless you are promoting only their product with their images.


Pinterest and bloggers

Pinterest can be used to give more exposure to blogs free of cost. It is now the right time to take part in the huge success of pinterest, there are millions of users using this new social networking site and it means another source to get targeted visitors to your blog or affiliate business sites. If you want to leverage the traffic source of pinterest then sign up now and start to pin images. Also add a pinterest button on your blog along with the facebook and twitter buttons so that it will be easier for your blog readers to share it, which again gets more exposure on pinterest from your blog readers.

This site gets over one million visitors every single day and increasing day by day. Majority of its users are women and the average time a user spends on pinterest is greater than the time spent on watching youtube videos.

According to hitwise U.S, social networking sites and forums are the third largest traffic sources for retail websites.

Pinterest is now driving more visitors to blogs than google plus and in a few more months it is estimated to surpass twitter and become second most used social networking site just behind facebook.

Final words

If you miss pinterest now, you might be losing a new traffic source and also potential visitors. Pinterest is still new so sign up as early as possible to take advantage of all its features and have a presence before it is saturated with marketers. As the number of users grow so does the competition and the usage of site.

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