How To Use Youtube Videos For Affiliate Marketing and Stay Ahead of Competition

youtube affiliate marketing Youtube is one of the world’s most used website and did you know that we can make use of youtube videos for affiliate marketing. When it comes to search engine marketing, videos usually get a high search engine result compared to a normal webpage. This may be due to the user preference to videos which will give visual information and is better than a text based webpage.

Advantages of youtube affiliate marketing

  • Youtube videos usually get high search engine ranking and its free
  • More people are using youtube as a search engine and it is easy to dominate because there is less competition than the web results
  • Drive more traffic to your site
  • Requires less marketing efforts
  • Easy to grab visitor attention
  • Seeing is believing so people tend to trust your products or service more and purchase from your site

If you are promoting an affiliate product it is highly recommended to get traffic from different streams instead of relying on just one traffic source like search engines. You might drop in your ranking or your competition may outrank your website and in this case your traffic almost dead so it is always a better idea to drive visitors from different sources. Youtube, forums, guest blogging, blog commenting, directories and many to name are a very good source for gaining visitors.

Especially youtube and other related video sharing sites provide a good opportunity to reach target audience with minimal efforts so try to leverage its power frequently.

How to profit from youtube videos and affiliate marketing ?
First choose a product to promote and then make an informational video about the product or if you have purchased that product then make a review style video to help people understand what the product is and how it can be used. Give the users a briefing of the entire product and its working concept in this one video.

You can also make a tutorial video and teach people how to use a particular software or a product, this type of tutorial videos work great.

How to monetize?  just place your cloaked affiliate link or review page link in the description, so that after they finish watching the video they continue to read more at your link.

How to create the video ?
If you do not want to appear in the video then outsource this job to a freelancer at or any other freelance websites for an affordable price.

Or else you can just create some powerpoint presentation slides and record them into a video and upload it to your youtube account. Note if your videos are too commercial then it might be deleted or worse get your account banned so try promoting only products that are not in marketing or make money industry.

Some seo tips to ensure you get good ranking

  • Include the product name or related keywords in the title of the video, description.
  • Also include the keywords in the tag
  • Browse similar videos¬† with more views and copy their tags to your tag list. This will help your videos to be featured on the right hand side in the sidebar when that popular video is being played and this will give your videos more exposure and visitors.

You don’t have to be a super affiliate to promote a product, try something new in your promotion and do what works consistently to achieve good results in affiliate marketing.

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