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imeye reviewMy opinion and imeye review, after using many keyword research tools i came across imeye which was new just then and waited for feedback about the software. After reading some good testimonials i signed up with imeye and first went through their video tutorial which was very descriptive about how to use the software and different ways you can use imeye to benefit from it.

Later went through the tool and found some really good keywords with low competition and they were easy to dominate with some good seo work, not only that i also found some top selling clickbank products in the members area along with the related keywords with which  most of the research work was cut down.

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Creators of imeye keyword tool : Tim godfrey and Steve clayton.

Cost => $97 (sign up above for $1 today)

There are 3 main functions available with this tool.

1. Keyword finder : This function is easy to use here you input a keyword and select an option whether you want to find keywords that has low competition or moderate competition and obviously i went for the low competition keywords. Found some fantastic search terms that were easy to rank under 2 weeks and i used squidoo lens to rank for some these keywords and it worked well for me.

In very competitive niches the amount of low competition keywords found were less but other niches don’t ask me just go grab all the keywords they are worth gold.

2. Domain function: You can also check whether there are any domain names available for the keywords returned and it does this job well from the members area and you don’t have to do this manually anymore.

Keywords in domain name rank very well so registering a domain with high search volume and commercial intent keyword is a good choice if you want to do well in seo.

3. Product finder : This function was my favorite and it finds high selling products on clickbank and related keywords so you can start your promotional work straight away.

Tip: Please watch the videos they provide first and then start using the keyword tool this is to ensure you understand the functionality and find more valuable keywords.

Best ways to uncover keywords that rank well in a week without any link building.

While using the keyword finder just set the options to return the keywords where and youtube are ranking higher. This will ensure that you find easy ranking keywords if not all you can atleast target half of the list of keywords. It is just my tactic which i found useful when using imeye and most of the times it returned good keywords.


Again don’t set minimum search volume to 50,000 per month and expect hundreds of low competition keywords to be found. Enter a reasonable search volume and sort them to find some golden search phrases.


You can find plenty of keywords and target them to get a higher ranking quickly and at imeye they put fresh data frequently so you can expect some really good terms slowly.

Affiliate Marketing

As i said above you can find some low competition words for the input keyword and make a squidoo lens or hubpages and drive traffic from these sites to your main money site.


There are options to return only ecommerce keywords and i tried it but never used this function much because i don’t have or run any ecommerce websites. If you are doing ecommerce then better check this option you might better find it useful than me.

You can also find keywords without any of the options set and sort the results using keyword difficulty to arrange them from lower to higher competition.

Imeye bonus section

As an added bonus when you sign up with imeye you are given access to their custom built keyword blueprint tool for free.  You also get their  ‘domain on fire’ as a bonus, hurry up they may pull down the bonus any time they are worth owning.

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