Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics

Today affiliate marketing has grown into a huge industry where anyone can make money online with less efforts compared to many other offline jobs. You can either become a merchant and sell your products or become an affiliate and sell other people’s (merchant’s) product to make some money (commission).

Here are some easy to learn affiliate marketing basics that might help you.

For Merchants

If you decide to become a merchant then you can sell products in two different formats either make a digital product like software, ebook (pdf), audios, videos or if you can create or manufacture a physical product then go for it.

With digital products there is less hard work for you as a merchant because the digital stuff is created once and can be distributed or sold any number of times but when it comes to a physical product you need to create a product or get it done by someone else every time there is an order placed.

Want to know how to make more sales from your merchandise, one of the biggest secrets top sellers use is the affiliate marketing programs. You can either set up one on your own website and gather affiliates so that they sell your product for you. If you do not want to maintain a affiliate program and go through all those hard work then you can join top affiliate networks like clickbank, paydotcom where these sites manage your affiliates and pay them on time and you can also tap into their existing affiliate database where many affiliates will be interested in promoting your product.

Let the affiliates do the selling job and you as a merchant handle all the customer support this way both affiliates and merchants create a win-win situation.

For Affiliates

If you are not interested or do not have a clue about selling your own product then it is recommended you become an affiliate and promote a merchants product for a commission. The merchant will decide how much to pay his or her affiliates and it usually goes up to 75 % revenue share meaning the merchant pays you upto 75 percent of the sale. That’s a lot of money but not all pay so much to their affiliates and one place where you can find such high paying programs is clickbank (free to join) as an affiliate.

There are step by step instructions that explain you how to get started and it is easy to sign up just takes under 5 minutes to finish.

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