9 Search Engine Visibility (Best Practices Guide)

I often get people and local business owners asking me this question – how do I increase my website search engine visibility? And I have suggested numerous best seo practices and methods to that.search engine visibility

Today, I thought it would be a good idea if I can list down some of the best practices that will increase the visibility of a given website for a particular search. The tips from the professional digital marketing consultant of a new york seo company made this post a reality.

Please note that majority of these methods are applicable to all the search engines in common. Some of the points might work well than others.

9 Website optimization guidelines.

Website auditing – checking your site for potential errors that could hinder the crawl-ability of the site is the critical step to start off with.

A proper seo auditing should uncover all the errors including html, broken links, and navigation issues.

Errors during crawling means the search bots might not be able to index your site completely. This could mean lesser number of pages on google, yahoo, bing, etc.

Perform a thorough crawl of your site with the right tools and fix the all the issues to keep your site user friendly as well as to increase search visibility.

Now you are done with optimizing the site for better crawling.

Site structure – When you are done with the site auditing, it is time to structure the website for a cleaner user navigation to provide a good user experience.

  1. No matter the size of the website, keep all the important pages and category page links on the home page.
  2. Interlink important and relevant pages with proper title and descriptive anchor text.
  3. Put all the links and organize them in a sitemap and update the sitemap whenever a new post or page is added to the site.
  4. Display a link to the sitemap on every page so that users can easily navigate to the right page.
  5. If you are using a wordpress site, then install sitemap plugin to generate a self-updating sitemap.

Page speed – Loading a webpage should be quicker or else you lose potential readers. Nobody wants to wait for a longer time, and serving them the right information at the right time is ever important aspect which a webmaster can’t miss.

Optimize the images, html, css code, and remove unwanted blocking javascript which causes latency.

Webmaster tools – By now, you should have fine tuned your website for increased user experience. Let’s move on to the important part of this guide, that is submitting the site to webmaster tools.

Please note that google, bing, and yandex, etc., all have their own webmaster tools to assist website owners to monitor their websites on search engines.

We will be covering google webmaster tools or google search console basic procedures first following by submitting and verifying the site to bing webmaster tools.

    1. Login to google search console website using your gmail email address.
    2. Once the login is successful, you see a red button that reads “Add Property” click on the button.
    3. You will be presented with a pop-up screen prompting you to enter your website url, please do it and press continue.

      Google Webmaster Tools

      Google Webmaster Tools

    4. Next, you are redirected to a verification page, where you are presented with different ways to verify your website, choose a method that you are comfortable with.

      Google Search Console

      Google Search Console

    5. Html file verification is the google recommended methods where you download a verification tagged html page and upload it to the root of your website to be verified. After the file upload is complete, click the verify button.
    6. The alternate methods include verifying through html tag basically this is a meta tag to be placed in the header section of the html.
    7. The other methods available to verify are through domain name provider, google analytics, google tab manager. When clicked on each of the option a descriptive explanation is presented on how to verify your domain name.alternate verification google search console

Once the ownership is verified, the google search console redirects you to the dashboard. In the dashboard you can see a plethora of options on the left hand sidebar.


On the dashboard click on the crawl option and submit your sitemap created earlier. Then hit the test button and you are done adding your entire website to the webmaster tool. Now, let the google crawlers crawl and index your well optimized and structured website.

Bing Webmaster Tools.

Similar to google’s search console, the bing also provides webmaster tools to website owners to get insights about their website through a centralized dashboard.

  1. Go to bing webmaster tools and sign up for an account.
  2. Submit your sitemap.

Now majority of the on page site optimization work is done. The next step is off page optimization.

Connect with influencers in your niche. This will ensure when you publish good content the influencer’s will link to your content. Therefore increasing the search engine visibility due to the reference backlink from an established authority site.

Broadcast to social media sites, these days everybody is connected to each other via social networking sites. And the search engines are no exception. Whenever fresh and new content is published search engines try to index them.

You stand a better chance to be in the limelight on these social media sites connecting your brand with your loyal clients. As well as this will increase your site’s search visibility a little higher than your competitors.

Consistent quality is what you should be aiming for better seo results and higher customer acquisition and also for multiplying the conversion rates.


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