Secrets of Squidoo Marketing for Enthusiast Affiliates

Squidoo is a free to register platform where you can create webpages or lens and earn money from these lenses.  Hundreds of people are making good amount of money through squidoo affiliate marketing. The best thing about this website is that they rank really well on google and this feature can be used for promoting affiliate products.

Benefits of using squidoo for affiliate marketing

  • It is free to join
  • Squidoo is an authority domain and they get ranked easily
  • You don’t require any technical knowledge
  • Easy to use interface

And they do have some drawbacks, you cannot use scripts like in your self hosted website or blog apart from this every element it offers is a good opportunity to promote our website.

Before you begin you need to know about the changes made to squidoo, recently they cracked down on lenses that were purely promotional that is squidoo expects their lensmaster to produce  high quality user friendly content but there were a lot of people who just promoted affiliate products with no user value.  Squidoo took all measures to prevent such lenses from being published and they took down most of the worthless content allowing good writers to benefit from these changes.

Also read their squid don’t policy even before starting your first lens.

Now let’s go in detail about affiliate marketing with squidoo lens.

First choose an affiliate product to promote and do some keyword research and pick keywords that have good buying intent and also low or moderate  competition. Choose keywords such that they have enough search volume every month and it should have the potential to get you  sales each month.

When you are finished with the keyword research now prepare the content for your lens.  See that you have the main keyword in the title and also in the subtitle and url of lens, this will help in securing a good position in the search results for that keyword.  Now fill your intro module keep it short not more then 100 words and this is were you have to write the eye catching content for the users and keep them curious about rest of the content and they will read your lens further down.

Upload a relevant image and it should convey the readers about the topic you have written on this lens. After this use a text module and write a good article about topic or keyword chosen but do not write about affiliate product. Your main goal should be to give the user the information they are looking for and recommend them the affiliate offer you have chosen in the article.

If you love the topic or have passion for it then stick to this and produce user loving lenses and help them know more about the topic in return recommend them with related affiliate products and make money. This is the simplest squidoo affiliate marketing tip that you can get.

Now you have a great lens publish it, what about readers how do they know about your lens? To gain more exposure you need to promote your squidoo lens similar to promoting a blog post. The first job after publishing your lens is to ping it, use serves like pingomatic and pingoat to notify the search engines that your webpage is updated, read more on how to index your webpage. If your topic has low competition then you will get a good rank or else you have to build links to your lens to rank in the first page.

Once you secure the first page track the keywords users used to arrive at your lens and include them in your lens or build a separate lens on that keyword if necessary to drive even more traffic.  Also analyze the sales use the squidoo’s built in link tracking facility to see which links are most clicked on the lens. If you are using a clickbank affiliate product then try using tracking id for each link you place in the lens, this will help you determine which position of the lens are driving majority of the sales.

When you follow all the guidelines and create a unique and useful content with the readers in mind, squidoo affiliate marketing will be the best as it can be.

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