Shortcut To Increase Affiliate Commissions Revealed

Before you learn about the shortcuts to increase our affiliate commissions you should know the different types of commissions. Yes there are a few different classes of affiliate commission and knowing about them will definitely help you.Understanding the different commission structure will help you choose products to promote that pay you more with less effort so read through this post and choose the one you like. Work smart not hard to be a successful affiliate marketer.

Types of affiliate commissions

  • Fixed
  • Performance based
  • Lifetime or recurring

Fixed Commission

As the name itself suggest the commission percentage is fixed and each time you refer a sale you get paid based on that percentage. For example you refer a customer to a merchants website and they pay you 75% for each sale. This percentage remains the same and only the merchant can increase or decrease it for an individual affiliate.

Performance based

Again as the name tells you the affiliate commission increases as you refer more number of sales to the merchant. The most popular amazon associates program provides this option to its affiliates and they also have a classic or fixed rate commission, as an affiliate you can choose what you want.

You can choose either of the two commission structure – fixed or performance anytime in a given month. Its a smart move to go for the performance type commission, because your commissions will increase as you make more sales in a given month.

Lifetime or recurring commission

In this type you refer the sale and enjoy the commission for life meaning you get paid commission as long as the customer you referred stays with the merchants service. This type of commission is also known as recurring because the customers are billed every month recurring and you earn without doing any extra work.

You can find such programs at and also when going for clickbank, just use the advanced search option at the marketplace to get a list of recurring products that you can promote.

There are a lot of other networks that you can sign up for that pay recurring commission just find one that is suitable for you.


Being a an affiliate marketer your success depends on your efforts and also the quality of the product but the type of affiliate commission structure you choose also plays a vital role. Refer once and get paid monthly with the recurring commission products.

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