Secrets of Affiliate Article Marketing Revealed

Affiliate article marketing has given many beginners the opportunity to earn from affiliate programs without having to go through a lot of hassle. Article marketing is a simple marketing method where you write articles and distribute them to free article directories for publishing on those websites.

How does article marketing benefit affiliates?

  • You get free and targeted traffic, hence more affiliate sales
  • Your authority increases in what ever niche you write
  • You don’t have to possess a website when you are just beginning or don’t have the capital to start
  • If you own a site – you get free one way links from article marketing


  • You need to write a lot of articles to see more sales
  • Writing consumes a lot of time and its a boring work

But when you consider the benefits the drawbacks are nothing and there are methods to overcome these drawbacks which is mentioned at the end of this article.

How to market affiliate offers through article marketing ?

First step you need to choose your affiliate product that you want to promote and then do your keyword research. Gather only long tail keywords related to the product being promoted  this is because long tail keywords tend to rank very quickly with most of them having low competition and that is what we want to do rank well as quickly as possible with article marketing.

Then drill down each of the long tail keywords and find some more phrases to make a big list of keywords that you can target for more traffic. Remember more the key terms and higher the search volume you target the more will be the traffic and hence sales.

Now with your keyword list ready start writing articles on each one of the keyword and submit them to article directories. See that you submit each unique article to only one directory.

For more click through rates you should include your links in the content and also in the authors resource box. It is better you create a free website at or with details and benefits about the product you are promoting and then link this website from the article directories instead of placing your affiliate links directly in the article. Many article directories do not allow affiliate links so it is important you create a separate site with affiliate links on them and then get a link from article directories.

You need to write articles in different styles to get more clicks and views. provides free article templates which you can use to write articles quicker and better they are free to download at Р

This process of writing articles for promoting affiliate products is popularly known as bum marketing on the internet. Well writing articles and submitting to each directory manually is time consuming task and this can be simplified by the use of some really good value software.

Overcoming the drawbacks

Some marketers have developed software for rewriting each article into unique copies with the help of synonyms, this method will generate hundreds of unique articles . Not all are human readable but the first few articles read really well when you do some edit but the performance and the time it saves is really the cool thing about these applications.

You could produce 10 to 20 articles that are readable in half an hour when you are using those advanced rewriters with some editing from your side offcourse.

Many article rewriter software comes with article submitters which will submit these unique articles to hundreds of free directories on the internet.


If you are doing article marketing to promote affiliate products manually then it is better you submit to the top article directories like the following which usually gets good search engine ranking. (affiliate links allowed).

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