Top Affiliate Marketing Companies List – An Overview

If you have been into affiliate marketing then you should have heard a huge list of top affiliate marketing companies. The reason why they are famous may be due to various reasons like high payouts and on time payment. Both the affiliates and the merchants find these affiliate marketing companies very trustworthy and convenient for their online business needs.

Why do most affiliates love these networks?

  • On time payment
  • A trusted third party between the merchants and affiliates
  • High payout offers

Benefits for the merchant

  • Affiliates payment is taken care by these companies
  • Access the existing database of affiliates in these networks.

The affiliate networks listed below are free to join. – Commission junction also known as cj has opportunities for both affiliates and merchants (advertisers) to grow with their excellent service started in the year 1998. Cj has a wide variety of affiliate programs and there is a huge collection of such programs which pay good commission to their affiliates and also helps advertisers to get good return on investment. They also have reputable brands as their clients and this surely is a great place to start.

Amazon affiliate program – Amazon is a world renowned name and they also have an affiliate program where you can join and earn affiliate commissions upto 15% on amazon products. This revenue share might be low but one good thing about amazon is you earn commission on which ever products your referral to that website purchases in 24 hours. There are thousands of affiliates earning good income from this site and its popular name so buyers are more likely to buy on this site. – One of the world’s largest digital products marketplace. Clickbank was founded in 1998 and has some of the highest paying offers which makes this an affiliate marketers paradise. They have this reputation of on time and regular payment since they started operating. With more than 100,000 active affiliates on this network this is sure a big database of affiliates for merchants. – Pepperjam started in 1999 is a network with hundreds of affiliates. You need to check out this website they are supportive to publishers and help them grow their business well.


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