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With so many blog networks coming up every month it is important to identify the top blog networks which can guarantee your search engine ranking. These so called top blog networks today are gaining more popularity then ever before and the major reason for this is building links manually would take months or in some cases years to reach the desired search placement. It would be nice if you understand the nature of each blog network and then sign up only to those that suits your advertising requirements. Many of the networks listed below have free trial just sign up and try them out.

Here is a overview of the top blog networks or link building services.

Build my rank – also known as BMR, this is a privately owned blog network which only accepts original content. This network is known for its quality, all the content on this network is unique and you are allowed to place one link for every 150 words. Build my rank will cost $57 per month and a maximum of 5 sites are allowed to build links every day per account, so to extend this limit you have to pay more which is worth if you have more number of sites to promote. The BMR is considered one of the best blog network and only draw back with this network is that you have to write content but it can solved by hiring a writer who can get the job done.

Unique article wizard – also known as UAW, this is one of the huge blog networks you could find on the net today.  You can also rent writers to create content for UAW submissions. It needs you to submit unique article and also allows you to rewrite the article several times, your content with the links have to be approved before submission. Depending on the category of your article, the unique article wizard will place your content on thousands of relevant blogs every month. It will cost $67 per month and is well worth the investment.

Authority link network – also called ALN, again a huge network that accepts spun content to be posted on their network. It costs $15 per month and it is a bit different from other networks because they allow you to submit your own blogs and then get links from other blogs in the network.

Seo link monster – this is a fast growing blog network where all the blogs are privately owned by the owners of this network. They allow spun content and a maximum of 3 links per article. In this blog network, everyday your article submitted to 14 different blogs and the ip diversity is really great in this network. It costs $47 the first month and $147 per month from the second month. Seo link monster offers daily report of the blog submission along with age of the domain and keywords in the anchor text posted.

My article network – known as MAN, an old blog network with thousands of blogs to submit your content. Here you have to manually rewriter your articles and they post on other people’s blogs so you do not know finally where your articles will be posted. It costs $67 per month and well worth the investment.

All the blog networks mentioned above are proven to deliver good results and it is advised to use a mix of all these networks and make sure you get links from other methods also like blog comments, forum posting, article and directory submissions so that your link building profile looks more natural to the search engines and you stay on the safer side avoiding any penalty.  You can also build your own private blog network and have total control of your backlinks, this will allow you to maintain the quality by adhering search engine guidelines perfectly.

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