Types of Affiliate Programs that Pay

Online affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn from the internet today. It has become so easy that affiliates just find good affiliate programs, sign up and start promoting it. The fundamental working principle of affiliate marketing  is that affiliates promote a product for the merchant and then makes percentage of commission or share the revenue that comes from this sale. But for your information there are other types of affiliate programs also and you need to choose one that best suits your style of marketing, so that you get maximum conversion rates and at the end higher payouts.

Basic types of affiliate programs

Pay per sale – This is the most popular type of program where the affiliate is paid for every sale he or she makes. It earns a high commission per sale but it is not easy to succeed with this type, but when you have some authority in a particular market or niche this might be best suited for you. Many vendors pay a high percent of commission for selling their service or product. It requires some real and sincere efforts from your side to see the desired results (sales). Few ways to profit from pay per sale programs are to build websites and promote affiliate offers, advertise on related sites, search marketing etc.

Pay per click – As the name suggests affiliates are paid for every click. The payout maybe less but when you have hoards of traffic then this is the best program to participate in. One thing to note is that getting accepted into affiliate networks that offer this type of program is little hard, many aspects of your website and sources of your traffic play a major role in getting your application approved. When compared to pay per sale this method is easy to earn because the visitor to your site does not have to purchase anything from your link but you get paid if they just click on the links or ads displayed on your website.

Pay per lead – In this type, the visitor to your blog or website has to sign up or fill up a form. When the referrals that you sent to the merchant’s site performs any action like subscribing to their list you get paid a commission for each successful lead. This type of offers tend to make good money when you promote offers that are closely related to your website theme (topic).  Top affiliate programs are ready to pay big money for targeted leads to their business in return.

If your website is getting good traffic consistently every month then earning from these affiliate programs may not be difficult. Just try all three methods and see which converts well for your website and stick to that, ultimately earning more is what should be focused upon right.

Do not hesitate to experiment on different aspects that influence the performance of your offers, fine tune the elements that plays a key role in converting more of your visitors into leads or customers. Last note, always be the first to figure out new ways to promote and get traffic from as many sources as possible and do not rely on just one traffic source.

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