Useful Affiliate Marketing Resources For Higher Returns

Succeeding in affiliate marketing is not difficult if you have the right resources and the required knowledge. Working out things in promoting and managing your campaigns manually is all good but if you want to make more for the time and effort you put in then you definitely have to consider some very essential affiliate marketing tools. This is essential because when you possess some good tools at your discretion they provide a bunch of benefits which you could never have had when doing things without these resources.

Benefits of using resources in our promotions:

  • Saves time
  • Increase your output
  • Higher returns

Keyword Research Tools

If you are an seo marketer, then you might be using keyword research software like google adwords tool to find niche markets but as you its not an easy job to do, this requires a lot of time and one solution for this would be software.

There are many keyword research applications available in the market today and you can make use of them to save time and also to find hidden niche markets. These applications come with built in features that make the work easier and more efficient.

The applications are designed to access multiple resources under one interface and you can set custom filters to get the keywords according to your requirements.

Website Themes

It is not only the keywords that play a vital role in an affiliate campaign but there is one more factor called conversion rate. With a properly designed theme you can minimize the distractions on your site and get more people to perform the actions you want them to do. If you are using wordpress blog then try using a minimalistic theme which is simple in design and built to highlight the content rather a design.


How can one forget this, if you do not track your campaign then your losing money and a lot of it. Analytic software will help you keep track of the visitor flow on your website and analyze where majority of your visitors are coming from, how many of them click through your affiliate links, how much time do they spend on your site, which page on your site is getting most of the traffic and many more.

There are both paid and free analytic tools available. The google analytics is a free tool that you can sign up and start using on your website to keep track of your visitors and conversions.

Webmaster tools

If you are using a website or blog to promote affiliate offers then it is necessary to get all of your website pages to be indexed by search engines. Google and bing offers free webmaster tools and using these two services you can submit your sitemap to ensure your entire site is crawled, verify ownership, get the details about backlinks to your verified site, search query and more.

Sign up is free :

Google –

Bing –

The webmaster tools will report you, if there is a problem with your site found when crawling.

List building

Most of the visitors will return without performing any action on your site, in such cases you can offer them a free report or a software if they subscribed to your newsletter. This way you can contact them letter through mail and promote products or offer rebates which will increase the number of buying customers.

Popular email marketing services are aweber, icontact, getresponse there are others too find one which is suitable to your needs.


If you do not like to write or don’t have time produce content for your sites then you can outsource the job to others who are happy to do that for a small amount. Some sites where you can find freelance writers are,,, be sure to build your own team of writers on these sites which will make life easier for your future orders because you know these writers give good stuff.

Link building

To rank well you need more links pointing to your website and doing this manually will take ages and its time consuming why not automate this task. There are a handful of quality blog networks which build links to your sites from related sites and there are thousands of blogs in these networks so you should be able to get a good amount of links to your blog.

You just write an article and spin it then submit into these network into appropriate categories and the job is done. These blog networks are huge and they also offer drip feed syndication which means all of your articles are not published on the same day but it will be scheduled over a period of time to make sure the website you want to build links are not penalized for unnatural link growth.

Here is a list of blog networks that you can sign up and get links.

Unique article wizard

Article marketing automation

Seo link vine

Build my rank

Finally in affiliate marketing automation is the key stuff that will help you in doing more things in less time, so be a smart marketer and let the tools do the dirty job for you.  There are many other affiliate resources coming out each day just try to fit them into your campaign so that you can concentrate more on expanding the promotions to other products.

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