Viral Marketing – Smart Way to Drive Free Traffic to Your Website

Any website success is determined on the amount of targeted traffic it gets. There are many ways you can drive traffic to your website and the most easiest way to drive traffic is the viral marketing.

When viral marketing is used in conjunction with the conventional marketing techniques, the number of visitors to your website will increase automatically. The best part of viral marketing is that it is absolutely free and effortless on your part. This type of marketing is a set and forget method.

How does viral marketing work ?

This type of marketing is driven by two different parameters:
1. Quality of the content on your website.
2. Providing incentives for referring people.

In the first parameter listed above, the quality of the content is responsible for your visitors to refer others to your site because the content offers good and complete information, people generally tell others about your content by email, twitter, facebook or placing a link back to your website on their blog.

To make it easier for the visitors to refer their friends put a bookmarking script at a prominent place on your website. This will generally increase the number of people referring others without leaving your website.

The second parameter as listed above will encourage your visitors to refer others to your website in return for an incentive that they cannot resist. To achieve this type of referral viral marketing you have to integrate a referral script on your website, which is available free on the internet. The most common type of scripts used are twitter referral, refer a friend, facebook referral scripts.

The most widely used platform today for viral marketing is the twitter because most of the twitter users have 100’s of followers and just one tweet about your website will drive a load of traffic to your website for free. The same kind of results can be seen with the facebook too.

For the incentive method to work well, you have to offer a very good incentive so that you get maximum benefit from referral scripts.

The latest trend in viral marketing are the youtube videos. This is the best video sharing site and it delivers more conversion compared to an article because people like to see and listen to videos rather than just reading an article. So if you can maintain the quality of the video there are more chances of getting your videos going viral.

Place a link to your website in the description of the video so that people can visit your website and when your video is embedded in other websites your video is going viral but your link in the description will not be embedded. So it is a good practice to have your website url watermarked in the video because if your video is embedded in other people’s websites which happens generally, it shows your link the video which will tell viewers about the original source of the video.

Finally using viral marketing you can generate a lot of free traffic to your website without having to pay for advertising. This works in any business and should not be neglected.

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