Ways to Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Different ways to affiliate marketing without a website, if you are a complete newbie to affiliate marketing and running low on investment then you might find this article useful. Make use of these methods to kick start your online affiliate business then reinvest some of your income to develop and become more professional in your approach.

Here is a list of some of the free ways to advertise your affiliate offers.

1. Article Distribution

Write articles related to the product you are promoting and then leave your link in the body or in author resource box so that people click through the link and purchase.  Many article directories online are free to join but read their writing policy because some of the do not allow posting affiliate links. For more commission you should write and submit more number of articles with good search volume. Do your keyword research on the product related keywords and choose low competition keywords for better chances of ranking higher.

2. Forum Posting

Similar to article directories, this method involves joining forums that are related to the product you are promoting and placing your affiliate link there. Again many of the forums are free to sign up but take care many forums do not allow you to post affiliate links if you are contributing wisely to the forum then chances of being suspended is less. Put your affiliate links in the forum signature, some forums do not allow you to have signature until you reach a certain amount of post. Do not spam the place, if you answer to the point with good info then number of people who click through increases.

3. Using Free Web 2.0 Sites

These are free webpages which allow you to publish your content and put your links on.  But they need some promotion to rank well for your product related keywords.

4. Online Classified website ads

Submit to classified ads with your affiliate links. If you have a good ad copy then people click your ad. This is not very effective way to do affiliate marketing but worth a try as its free.

5. Offline Promotion

This is a little difficult but works good for many. Get your links printed on offline classified ads which is again free.

Note: Once you have made enough money with these methods it is a good choice to have your own website for doing affiliate marketing. There is less control over all the above free sites and hence it is advisable to go for your own website later on when you have earned some cash.

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