What is Niche Marketing

niche marketing examplesNiche marketing the most used phrase in online marketing today. So what is niche marketing all about and why do marketers talk a lot about them? Let’s get to the point without any delay.

What is niche marketing?

Well a niche market is a sub division of a main stream market that will address specific needs of a group of people or potential customers. Each individual has a different requirement and if you can fulfill their requirement with what they are looking for then you get a customer and this is called niche marketing. Usually niche markets are small are in size but they offer a better chance to convert more people into customers that is you provide them with quality product or service.

Niche marketing examples

For example shoes is a main stream market and every one who is looking for a shoe as a specific need like some people might be interested in sports shoes or casual shoes or dancing shoes.  So when you give them what they want, they are definitely going to buy.

Advantages of niche marketing

It is easy to target a small niche market than a large competitive market. If you are just started with online marketing then using a website or blog to promote your products in niche markets will get quicker and easy results.  The small market will keep you focused on your business helping you to work more efficiently.  It is a low cost way to promote products and earn more profits in a short period of time, so the popularity of niche marketing is increasing day by day.

You can create and sell your own products in rare niches that has low or no competition. Big players always overlook these small niches and this opportunity should be fully utilized to build your own business empire

As with advantages there are some disadvantages also, because niche markets are smaller they do not make huge profits but this can be easily overcome by targeting more niches related to your niche and dominating them.

Niche affiliate marketing

Today affiliate marketers are using blogs to dominate the niche markets and making a decent income for themselves.  The reason for this is niche markets are the best way to reach the target audience in less time and it requires less marketing efforts. For affiliate marketing going after long tail keywords is a good option to gain more exposure to your business or offers. When you offer quality to the targeted audience and establish yourself as an expert then it is guaranteed that they will consider buying other products that you recommend them.

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